Toothache, a chorus, inflammation of the tongue, and drinking of Naa Flower which is a tongue rejuvenating medicine
Naa flower or Sri Lankan ironwood, Indian rose chestnut, cobra's saffron of Calophyllaceae family

Toothache, a chorus, inflammation of the tongue, and drinking of Naa Flower which is a tongue rejuvenating medicine

“Na” is the national tree of Sri Lanka. Also, Namal is very sacred. A plant belonging to the Atavasi Bodhi tree. The Buddhas, Mangala, Sumana, Revathi, Sobhitha, have attained Buddhism at the foot of this sacred Na Bodhi. As a result, many trees and shrines are found in many temples in Sri Lanka. The Na tree is also widely used for landscaping purposes.

History shows that the Na tree had a special place in Sri Lanka during the Anuradhapura period. In the 14th century, Ambecca carvings were made of Nail, Na, a type of strong wood that has long existed. Some people may be surprised to learn that the Na tree, which has a lot of religious and cultural significance, is a unique herbal medicine in our Ayurvedic medicine system. In fact, Na is an excellent drug. According to Ayurveda, Na is also known by the nicknames of Naga Kesara and Naga Pushpa. This plant is called Naga Hair because Namal Renu is commonly used in medicine.

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of medicines called trivia. It’s cinnamon. Cardamom and Tealeaf. The importance of triadic medicines is that they make the mouth smell great. Also good for the heart. When Namal is added to this triad of drugs, it is called quaternary. It is clear that Na is a unique medicine used in Ayurveda.

With a height of 12 to 13 meters in height, the Na tree is dark green. The underside is gray. There have been occasions when literary red-and-white writers have likened women to their lips. There are many yellow stamens in the middle of the name, which is a very pleasing white color. These Namal stamens and bones are commonly used in the manufacture of local medicines.

The Na tree is found in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. In cases of excessive purification of women with nosebleeds, it is best if you dry the leaves with a few drops of water and dry them for a few days and a half in the evening. This herbal decoction is very effective in curing all the blood-borne diseases.

According to Ayurveda, when the stinging error increases, it causes a burning sensation. Namal Ranil has the ability to correct the sting bug. If Namal is dried and taken as a potion, it will heal the blood-stained ashes and shrink the ashes.

According to ancient texts of Ayurveda, such as the ‘Sruti Sahadhava’ discourse, the Namal stamens are said to be suitable as a substitute for Namal stems when they are difficult to find.

The tongue is a unique medicine used in indigenous medicine. If a proper procedure is applied, the oil is applied daily morning and evening to external swelling, soreness, and pain, and it will heal soreness and swelling.

Naa flower or Sri Lankan ironwood, Indian rose chestnut, cobra’s saffron of Calophyllaceae family

Namal Renu is an excellent medicine in local therapy as well. Cataracts are widely used in the disease. Also, Unani medicine and Siddha medicine are used to make herbal medicine. Namal has anti-inflammatory properties. As such, Namal Kshaya has a certain bitter taste. Namal Decoction is also recommended for the cure of digestive disorders.

Namal Kekulu Kshatriya is one of the best options that can be given to a person with dysentery. Drinking the saffron for half a day for several days will help you heal faster. In the past, Namal had been given a potion to clean the womb during childbirth. Even today, if you drink this quality decoction, it is good for your health.

Many people are hesitant to drink it due to the bitter nature of Namal Kesha. As a result, a mother who has given birth to a child can use Namal as medicine to clean the womb and treat the aforementioned ailments. Take a portion of Namal’s stew, dry it in a small whisk and mix it well with two tiles of rice and two leaves of spice powder. Put the powdered powder in a non-airtight container and mix it with five grams of milk at a time. As with all of the above diseases, this herbal remedy is also effective in cleansing the wombs of mothers who delivered babies.

If Namal Kudukkara mixes a teaspoonful of tea into a cup of hot water and drinks it every morning, it is very good. Also, Namal Dry, finely crush it and grind it again with paste and apply it to the scorching heat. It helps the body feel fresh and cool.

Sometimes there is a tendency for the forehead to become full or cold. In such cases, take the leaves and rub them on your forehead for a while. Slows away quickly.

Sweating during extreme heat can also cause severe body odor. There are many people who suffer from such extreme heat conditions. Mix Namal Powder and Savandara Powder and mix them well and rub them in water. This remedy is very effective in relieving sweat and odor.

Teachers, singers, salesmen, and others, because of excessive sore throats, can cause a sore throat. Such people mix Namal Renu and Cardamom with a little bit of sugar. Sore throat

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