This article is for those who eat soy meats

This article is for those who eat soy meats

Soy is known as the twenty-first-century superfood. The opportunity for vegetarians to get the protein they need and its ability to lower blood cholesterol has been highly praised in the last two to three decades. There was a renaissance of soybean in Asia and many related products came to the market. But the soy has no luck maintaining its reputation. Now, nutritionists are seriously questioning the soybean meal. Although there is a worldwide discussion regarding this, we are not aware of this in Sri Lanka. One of the objectives of this article is to expand your knowledge base on the current panel discussion on soy.

Now the genetically modified soybean meal is native to East Asia. But the US inherits most of the world’s soybean crop. There is a major difference between soybean and soybean. More than 90 percent of the soy we eat today is genetically modified soy. Roundup, a herbicide, is definitely applied to this soy. Roundup is a powerful herbicide that makes kidney ailments. It was banned recently in our country.

Soybean became popular in the world as a food industry because of its low price, after all…

The primary product of soybean oil is soybean oil. After the oil is extracted, the remaining rodent soy is used in the food processor. Soy is cheap. They also have optimal production facilities for food preparation. Thus, soy foods are very popular. Soy also produces significant quantities of baby food.

Nutritional value of soybean

100g of soy has 100g of calories. 9g of fat, 10g of carbohydrates and 17g of protein. The protein in the meat is not as nutritious as the protein in the eggs. But soy protein is more nutritious than any other plant protein. But as far as fat is concerned, here is polyunsaturated fat. Therefore, those who value a healthy life are not good.

Why was a black spot added to the character certification of soy baptized as a superfood?

Soy is the diet that contains most of the phytoestrogens that synthesize the body’s sex hormones. Phytoestrogens are the estrogen hormone in our body. The only difference in soybean is that it has the same protein origin. The quality of phytoestrogens has been heard over the years. But who did the research cost? The soybean industry is the most profitable businessmen. The natural effect of sex hormones on the body’s natural hormone function is huge. Breast cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, childlessness, and sexual impotence are among the diseases that result from excessive use of estrogen. Soybean products are now marketed to children. Today, some children are accused of this soybean meal ritual that forced them to reach puberty at the age of seven.

Soya destroys your thyroid gland

Foods that inhibit iodine synthesis by the thyroid gland. Known as A number of cryogenic foods that adversely affect thyroid hormone secretion have been identified. It is widely reported in the media that soy foods have a profound effect on thyroid function, due to a confrontation with Oprah Winfrey in the US who ate soy products. An actress .. Oprah Winfrey, who hit a huge media role as a TV announcer, suddenly got a slapstick body. Doctors found that she was suffering from hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency when she underwent medical tests because she felt that her vitality was slowly diminishing and her moods deteriorating. The immediate reason for this was the revelation that her soybean susceptibility was causing a great deal of resistance in the West.

To the pituitary, which inhibits enzyme absorption

Available in whole grains and legumes. There are plenty of these in soy. Pyrite weakens the body’s mineral absorption. In other foods, this process takes place in countless amounts. However, soybean meal has been shown to significantly impair the body’s mineral absorption due to its high concentration of phytate. There is a way to get rid of this. Soy should be fermented before eating.

Trypsin interferes with digestion

Trypsin is a digestive enzyme. Without trypsin, the body does not digest properly. Diarrhea, hair loss, blood loss, etc. Soy trypsin has been reported to impair performance. It interrupts the whole digestion process. This increases the risk of pancreatic diseases.

In addition, soy has also been experimentally proven to have the following adverse effects. The overall result is a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. Soybean meal requires vitamin D

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