The unexpected health benefits of butter.

The unexpected health benefits of butter.

When it comes to health and nutrition but gets a bad rap but does better really deserve its reputation as an unhealthy food many people would make the claim that butter is bad for your health due to the belief that it’s high in fat and raises your body’s cholesterol levels but is there another side of the story could there possibly be ways in which butter might even be considered good for your health it turns out that butter might potentially have more health related benefits we previously thought today Bessie is going to find out what health and nutrition experts have to say about butter in order to get to the bottom of this creamy conspiracy once and for all if this introduction was enough to butter you up be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the notification bell in order to stay up to date on all of our daily videos and content as a quick little aside we know better can be made from milk in a variety of different animals including cows sheep and goats for the purposes of this video we’ll be discussing the nutritional content of butter made from cow’s milk specifically as this is the type of better the majority of our viewers are most likely to be familiar with let’s start with some of the bad in a single fourteen Graham tablespoon of butter you can expect to find a total of one hundred and two calories as well as nearly twelve hole grams of fat this might not seem like much at first but such a high concentration of calories could potentially mean those calories could add up relatively fast hypothetically speaking this means that if you were to eat one serving of water every day without any other modifications to your current meal plan you could potentially gain as much as ten extra pounds of body weight over the course of a year about sixty three percent of fat found in butter is also saturated fat which has commonly been associated with an increased risk of heart disease by potentially clogging arteries in your circulatory system however according to more recent research you may be surprised to discover that researchers have found no direct link or correlation between saturated fat and heart disease as a result it may possibly be more accurate to say that a better.

Way to promote heart health is to balance your intake of saturated fat with a variety of other fats that have an increased benefit on heart health such as poly saturated fat the high calorie and fat content of butter is not necessarily so inherently unhealthy although it could lead to health-related problems such as superfluous weight gain if consumed in high enough levels to put it more simply it’s best to enjoy everything in proper moderation.

Okay so now we know the ways in which better can potentially be harmful to your health but you didn’t click on this video to hear something you already knew right let’s flip the script for a moment talk about some ways in which better can potentially provide benefits for your health instead for starters but are surprisingly rich in vitamins and other important nutrients remember that single fourteen Graham tablespoon of butter we mentioned earlier in that same spoonful you can expect to find eleven percent of your recommended daily intake for vitamin a fat-soluble vitamin that is important for maintaining the health of your skin I sighed and immune system.

But are also contains a fair amount of vitamin eat another important vitamin which supports heart health and also serves as an antioxidant to protect your cells against damage from free radicals.

In addition to these vitamins, butter is also a rich source of a type of fat known as conjugated line the lake acid or CLA CLA is primarily found in animal-based products such as meat and dairy and is considered extremely beneficial for the human body’s health.

According to some studies, CLA can potentially reduce and prevent the growth of certain types of cancer such as breast colon stomach prostate liver and colorectal cancer if that wasn’t enough a healthy dosage of CLA has also been found to potentially decrease body fat and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

In other words, there are key ingredients in butter that can potentially help you lose weight instead of gaining it of course one important thing to keep in mind is the fact that most of the research pertaining to see LA in weight loss was conducted in the form of a highly concentrated CLA supplement rather than the amount found in an average serving of butter and more research is required to determine the effects of CLA when consumed as food instead of in supplement form.

Never the less it’s interesting to note the presence of this nutrient in a food that is normally only associated with gaining weight.

In addition, the CLA butter is also a significant source of a type of short-chain fatty acid known as butyrate.

You to rate is commonly produced by the beneficial gut bacteria in your system and is used by your body as a potential source of energy for cells in your intestines butyrate also contributes to the health of your digestive system by reducing inflammation and keeping the electrolytes within your body at healthy levels and can be helpful in treating harmful health conditions that affect the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

What’s more butyrate anti inflammatory properties might also make it useful for boosting metabolism and insulin sensitivity as well as reduce the formation of fat cells, of course, like CLA the studies involved with testing the usefulness of butyrate we’re focused on high concentrations beyond what’s found in a normal serving of food and as such more studies will be required to fully determine how many butyrate related benefits you can expect from integrating butter into your daily diet so what’s the final verdict on butter well as with most things in life sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad in the case of butter while it may not be quite as bad for your health as we might have been led to believe the health benefits to be found within it are still largely inconclusive and further research is necessary to determine just how much you can expect to gain from making room in your meal plan for this dairy products, in short, the best way to think of butter is this something you can enjoy in moderate servings did you find this video interesting or informative is there anything you’d like to add to our discussion Hank maybe you even just disagree with everything we said the video so far, either way, we’re interested in hearing your feedback so feel free to let us know

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