The nonsense that the boys think about the virgin membrane
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The nonsense that the boys think about the virgin membrane

As you read the title, you already know what you’re going to talk about. The real story is that in the 21st century Sri Lanka, the virginity of a woman is still quite a market value. Doesn’t gender discrimination, being a woman, or being treated as a woman mean little to women’s virginity and value to a woman in terms of her virginity or not? Because no one sees the virginity of the boy. We can’t make decisions on that, bro. It is a decision they have to make based on their level of intelligence. We only present facts.

1. What is virginity?

Simply put, a virgin is a person who has never had sex with any man in his life. Okay, now there’s a queue. Does a woman who has had sex with a man without a man become a virgin? So what if a woman who has put some sinew on it instead of having direct sexual intercourse becomes a virgin? Before answering those questions, we need to talk about how virginity was generally sought in the past.

2. This is how virginity is measured

In general, virginity is measured in terms of whether a hymen is present within a woman’s vagina, near the opening of the vagina, or if the hymen is broken. The consensus here is that the hymen breaks down during the first sexual intercourse. But that is a common acceptance but we will talk about the misunderstandings.

The system of virginity in Sri Lanka is very simple. Put a white cloth on the bed for the wedding night. Now, if a bride is a virgin, according to the book, the first stage of sexual intercourse requires a little blood loss. Then at 5 pm, the aunt came and asked if there was a red bloodstain on the white cloth. In the past, now I see an older woman on the bride’s side. The Japanese flag joke that comes with this wedding night is coming with that event.

It must be said that there are different methods used in different countries to look at virginity in Sri Lanka. The scene where Agni checks to see if Sita is clean after Rama has defeated Ravana and kidnapped Ravana. It’s just one. There is also a test called “Pani Kee Dhij”. That means that the girl who wants to check is drowning in water and holding her breath until she walks 100 steps. If you can stay clean and breathe before the step-grandfather is not a virgin. Love it!

3. Can you have sex without damaging virginity?

Here is the scene. In Sri Lanka, as in sex education today, some people think of sexual behavior only when it comes to direct sexual intercourse. But well-informed people know that there are plenty of ways and means to have sex without damaging virginity. Direct sexual intercourse is just one thing. Oral intercourse, anal intercourse, and thighs are used in Sri Lanka. Needless to say, there is no problem with a gay woman!

According to Dr. Ariyasena U Gamage’s personal and confidential book, a survey conducted in Sri Lanka in 1996-97 revealed that 51.8% of Sri Lankan women had engaged in direct sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual activity. Needless to say, now is the time! But nobody should say now, this is the way women are. Because if a woman is not homosexual, she is accompanied by a man who wants to have sex. So now it’s time to get rid of those brains.

Another point. There is a simple operation that can help you regain lost virginity. This is not illegal and is a simple operation. We hear that this hymenoplasty is being performed in some parts of Sri Lanka.

4. Can a woman lose her virginity if she does not have sexual intercourse?

This is something that men and women, in particular, should pay attention to. Some girls are born without a virgin. Some people have a vaginal opening, but the first intercourse does not break the vagina. Because the vagina is tiny. Doctors also say that girls who do gymnastics, bicycling, and other sports are more likely to break their genitals without having sex. So whether a virgin is a virgin or a “pure” girl who has never engaged in sexual activity, a woman decides if the virgin is through the vagina, which is inaccurate. Not only that, it can ruin a girl’s life. We have heard of women who lost their lives for the rest of their lives because of not being able to prove their virginity on their wedding day.

5. Why don’t you see the virginity of boys?

Here are the questions. Just as virginity is viewed as virginity, there is no medical way to look at the virginity of a man. But there is a scene where you can see the virginity from this behavior. Needless to say, neither is accurate

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