herbs for overall brain health.

herbs for overall brain health.

I would imagine that most people would agree from a common-sense point of view that healthy blood flow to the brain is key for good overall brain health and function however what is it that actually determines healthy blood flow and circulation to the brain I don’t know about you but I have at least in the past have not really stop to really ponder what is truly controlling the circulatory system and the particular flow of blood to the brain however this is primarily a job of actually the thyroid, in fact, the thyroid is what governs the overall body temperature and search the Tory system amongst many other factors given its major role in proper metabolic function or specifically oxidative

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phosphorylation which is basically a scientific term for the appropriate consumption and utilization of oxygen and glucose by the cell now looking at blood flow to the brain, in particular, it’s actually the presence of carbon dioxide which controls blood flow to the brain you see carbon dioxide although gently refer to as a waste product of the metabolism is actually what’s responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle wall in opening the capillaries allowing for good blood flow not just to the brain but the whole body now carbon dioxide going back to that term oxidative phosphorylation is actually produced in proportion to the amount of glucose in oxygen being consumed in utilized by the cell and again that is the job of the thyroid however when the thyroid and metabolism, in general, is not capable of producing a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide a nother chemical comes into play that chemical is nitric oxide which will have the basso die leading the fact when carbon dioxide is not able to so in this way nitric oxide amongst the other sort of adaptive stress substances comes into play when normal healthy metabolism is impaired so although nitric oxide is very.
Speaker 1: Helpful in this way can help us adapt to stress and low carbon dioxide energy production the fact matter is the vaso dilating effects of nitric oxide can have damaging effects mostly through its inhibition of mitochondrial energy production meaning that magic outside can temporarily help too vast to dilate the blood vessels and keep the circulatory system moving but it does so at the expense of proper energy production in fact nitric oxide is a key player in a lot of nerve in neural degeneration it’s a major key player in the pathogenesis of things like Alzheimer’s and dementia mostly because it stimulates a lot of excitatory processes that lead to cell death in fact it’s well known that various physical trauma is like a brain injury or even really intense physical exercise is known to dramatically increase that synthesis and production of nitric oxide therefore inhibiting its production not entirely you know we still want our body to be able to produce it when in need however ideally inhibiting its production will be protected against a wide variety of neurological disorders in even brain related diseases or cognitive diseases like dementia so with all of this background information out of the way I want to share with you one of my personal favorite herbs that’s fantastic not just for improving the blood flow to the brain and overall brain and cognitive function but as many other systemic benefits like its ability to lower cortisol which is a major issue for most people today being a classic stress hormone in that herb is ginkgo biloba now I say this because ginkgo biloba has a very unique benefit inability to in fact which are particularly helpful to good brain health in the prevention of degenerative diseases of the brain like dementia and that’s its ability to inhibit nitric oxide synthesis and inhibit the formation or access production of serotonin although no.

I took oxide in a more less survival situation can Bassil dilate the blood vessels over time the nitric oxide can stimulate a lot of these excitatory cell processes in stimulate degenerative substances are inflammatory mediators like serotonin and this can actually restrict the capillaries in lead to restricted blood flow to the brain in fact as I talk about an earlier video on how to cure migraines and headaches it’s actually the excess production or chronic long term production of nitric oxide in serotonin that can lead to chronic headaches and migraines by restricting blood flow to the brain fortunately the herb ginkgo biloba can help to inhibit the excess production of nitric oxide in serotonin therefore for checking your brain from degenerative a fax of these substances at the same time can actually improve blood flow to the brain which is one of the couple of is more traditional benefits shop online you’ll probably find that ginkgo biloba is generally refer to people who want to improve their memory they’re talking to function overall brain health in this because of these mechanisms it’s it’s anti serotonin and anti magic outside of facts actually gives it is beneficial effects to the brain now from this point out in addition to so many within couple of I usually recommend that people also something that with Ashur gone in this is because combined they have a very synergistic effect on the brain wild gingko biloba can inhibit the nitric oxide that can be damaging over the long term arsenal donde will increase the function of your thyroid in carbon dioxide production which is the ideal substance that you want to be utilizing or relying on to ensure healthy blood flow throughout your whole body and to the brain so although I would consider doing go below but to be the number one brain tonic herbs given the systemic nature of our body it is an organism that consist of cells organs and systems that are all interrelated connected.

Lee the helpful to supplement some awesome god in addition to the Ginkgo Biloba to completely benefit the brain in all aspects however that’s all I wanted to share with you guys in this video if you enjoyed it found helpful be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to YouTube channel if you haven’t already of course if you’re interested in learning more supplementing with either ginkgo Biloba are also gone to be sure to visit our blog in our online comic or shop description box below.

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