Is the kidney stones? Gallstones? Here are the remedies

Is the kidney stones? Gallstones? Here are the remedies

Urinary tract and gallbladder stones are one of the most common ailments among people today. However, due to the successful treatment of Ayurvedic medicine, many patients have been able to get better by treating them with Ayurvedic medicine. Dizziness and bladder as well as gall bladder We decided that the most important for you to know about the scientific knowledge about rock emanating conversation with the medicine irises said the information published is willing to inform the readers of this article, the auspicious time

Many medical conditions related to the human urinary tract can be seen in the present day. Urinary tract, urinary tract bleeding, pain in the bladder area and the urinary tract are prominent among them. Sperm thickening Also known as stick horses and gall stones Altogether Quality

If you are aware of the possible causes of these stones in the urethra

Excessive intake of meat may be one of the main causes of this problem. Beef consumption is a major cause of this problem. Also, excessive intake of hot food and excessive water intake may cause the disease. Another possible cause of the disease is

If you mention the difficulties faced by the patient in this situation

Urinary incontinence becomes very difficult when the kidneys are formed.

Men are more susceptible to stoning and their ovaries hang on one side of the trunk area.

Also, there may be symptoms associated with urination, such as dark yellow urine or blood in the urine. Urinary Tract System with Exit Difficulty It can also cause stones to pass through the patient’s urinary tract

If you mention the difficulty in passing the stones through the urinary tract

This can be very painful. Some people may have urinary tract bleeding, which may cause urinary tract bloating and severe pain in the urinary tract. Not leaving Speed ​​can be seen as the most likely to leave

Explaining gall bladder stones

Pain on the right side of the abdomen can spread to the Pitakonda area. Such patients do not have a tendon around the pelvis, but it is more commonly seen in females. A variety of distressing situations They may experience colds, vomiting, sore throats, and so on.

This is what causes gallstones

Digestive anomalies and improper diet can be the primary cause of gallstones, particularly in the case of eating disorders. Which have oxalate matter It’s happening

There are no ayurvedic treatments for such ailments

According to Ayurvedic medicine, the cause of these stones is the re-emergence of Ayurvedic remedies which can be used to remove any weaknesses in the digestive tract. Kidneys do not urinate very well As well as all the gastrointestinal disorders

Although almost all the intelligent and intelligent people of today’s society believe in Ayurvedic remedies, it is not easy to access this great medicine as it is difficult to find the necessary ingredients for this medicine and to prepare the decoction and other medications properly. As much as we can decoction Because the type of pulp produced cūrṇa now without any difficulty we had in turning sick people the ability to calm their symptoms following Ayurveda

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