Is Eating Meat Healthy! What is Grass-Fed Meat Bone Broth Health Benefits

Is Eating Meat Healthy! What is Grass-Fed Meat Bone Broth Health Benefits

To eat meat or not to eat meat this is one of the most hotly debated questions in the area of health wellness weight loss and dieting so before we get started in this video I would love to know where you stand on this issue are you for eating meat or are you very against eating meat generally you get people who are pretty far on either side of the spectrum today I’m going to let you know why I am a vegetarian who started drinking bone broth so as some of you may know I’m technically a pesky meaning that I eat mostly vegetarian but I do eat fish from time to time so there were a couple of reasons why I decided to stop eating meat and kind of transition my diet to being more focused on vegetables so those are health reasons those are ethical reasons and I’m going to talk a little bit about those reasons and explained what grass-fed meat and dairy is and what that means and why in my opinion is one of the most important things that every meat eater should know.

So let me explain so most of the animals that are raised for dairy products or for meat that we actually consume are raised in what’s called the factory farms and it’s just like it sounds a farm in a factory are synthesized together and the problems with factory farming and I’m just going to kind of scratch the surface in this video but the problems and these are the problems that basically made me stop eating meat are as follows these animals live in occur incredibly confined and stressful environment these animals are fed and on natural diet of corn grains man, I could be a whole topic in itself just what they feed the animal animals but the bottom line is there not being fed their natural diet which is grass consequentially they become very sick at this point they have to be given antibiotics just to keep them alive not to keep them healthy just to keep them from dying from these incredibly stressful on healthy conditions an illness that they end up having being raised in these really confined facilities.

On top of that most of the factory-farmed animals are also given things like hormones to help them either produce more milk or produce more neat said the overarching picture here is animals who are pretty sad and depressed who are incredibly sick and unfortunately the food products that been come from those animals that are really bad for you I and they don’t contain the nutrition that you’re trying to get from eating that animal product anyway so those factory farming methods were literally a big part of the reason that I decided to stop eating meat but now there are more and more producers who are using grass-fed animals and usually on the label of the dairy product or of the meat whatever it is you’re buying it’s going to tell you if something is grass-fed or not and it’s because this makes such a huge difference in the quality of the meat or dairy product that you’re getting.

So the reason for that is that when an animal is eating its natural diet it’s going to have it’s own upmost health right so the animal itself is healthier but then we can also ask ourself you know when we eat an animal product where do the nutrients and that product come from.

Well, they come from the grass that that animal was eating they come from the plant matter usually that that animal was eating the animal actually digests it synthesizes it and it can be a very then easily digestible food for us easily digestible way for us to get those nutrients from the animal product but you have to understand that conventionally raised meat and dairy products if they don’t say the word grass fed they’re typically going to come from this factory farming method and when an animal comes from that type of environment it’s not eating its natural diet it’s incredibly sick you’re just not going to get the same nutrients from it that you would from healthy grass fed animals so, for instance, you’re going to have a higher ratio of omega three fatty acids to omega six fatty acids from grass fed or pasture raised animals and we know that omega threes are incredibly important for our health, in fact, most people have probably been told that they should take an omega three supplement so this one aspect alone that you get more omega threes from grass fed meat is just one I think kind of great example of how much-improved health you get from a grass fed animal them from a conventional or factory farmed animals.

So even though grass-fed animal products have become more and more common and easier to find I still have remained a casket I’m a vegetarian eats fish.

But the.

Information I have learned about bone broth has actually caused me to.

To start singing a different tune so to speak at least to consider adding some animal products back into my diet so what is it about bone broth that makes it so much more nutritious than just eating meat so the bones of animals just like the bones of people actually become kind of a power house of nutrition stored up within the animal so the idea of making a bone broth or stock is that you cook the bones for a long period of time over many hours and it’s actually able to kind of on a leash all of those nutrients that are contained within the bones and if you think about animals when they eat other animals eating the bones as one of the first things that they go for and it’s because they’re so much nutrition that stored up in the animals bones unfortunately our choppers are just not strong enough for us to eat bones a so that’s why it’s great that we can actually use this bone broth or making soup stock method to release those different nutrients from the bones bone broth is incredibly high in minerals like calcium and magnesium and just as they form healthy bones in the animals those minerals also help us to improve the health of our bones and joints we’re also going to have amino acids like glucosamine that further help to improve the health of our joints reducing inflammation and even reducing soreness and pain they can be associated with poor joint health amino acids such as glycine proline and arginine are known to have an anti inflammatory a fact or they help to reduce inflammation in the body and as you may or may not know inflammation is at the root of many different conditions conditions so having a anti and.

Flame Tory amino acids in your diet is a great way to improve your overall health and improve any kind of inflammatory condition the gelatin and bone broth is now being found to have incredible benefits for healing and the gut whining and improving its digestive health.

So when we were eating a diet of processed foods like most people do the lining of the digestive tract can become inflamed and you can actually develop what they call a leaky gut syndrome and this means that the things that you are eating can actually leak into your bloodstream through that inflame digestive tract lining.

A so the gelatin in bone broth can actually help to heal the got whining and in this way, we’re going to have many improved benefits once again when you improve the health of your digestive tract you have many noon system benefits you’re also going to find that different conditions that are may be caused by the leaky gut syndrome can also be resolved once you start healing the lining of your cut.

Gelatin is also known to help promote healthy skin nails and hair so that’s kind of an added beauty benefits of eating or drinking bone broth sin I actually want to show you this bone broth that was sent to me by my sponsor cattle and fire and yeah you know people are now drinking bone broth so of course you could cook it and use it as a soup broth a bit more and more you will find people who are you know literally drinking bone broth just like are just like as a beverage and what’s cool about their little container here is you can actually drink it straight out of the thing I’m not gonna do that because I’m sure would spill it all over myself but a very cool packaging idea here you literally can just drink it straight out of the canister.

So what I like about this cattle and fire is that they are making not only a grass fed product but all of the ingredients are organic and we can just take a quick look at those ingredients here to but first I just want to point out here we have grass fed beef garden vegetables high in protein paleo friendly a gluten free and no artificial ingredients so this is kind of the big thing for me was that they’re not using huge amounts of sodium there’s no preservatives this is an incredibly clean very simple product and because the animals are grass fed we get something that is not the highest nutritional pop possible from an animal product I’m really interested to hear your feedback on this video what do you think of this whole bone broth thing and if you are a vegetarian or vegan out there who still watching this video I would definitely love to hear from you if you’re someone out there who is we really conflicted about this question of whether or not to eat meat I just have a couple of thoughts that I want to share on that topic the first of all I love being a pesky tarian.

Sort of vegetarian I love that I feel energized after eating a meal a rather than sluggish and like I need to go straight home and go to bed I have really felt so many improvements in my health just overall but I think that the kind of key factor is not so much about whether you eat meat or not it’s about whether you eat vegetables or not when we look at the problems associated with a diet that’s high in meat consumption.

No there’s a couple problems there you know number one even if you do believe that meat is an incredibly helpful thing it is possible to have too much of it right we also need to consider how those animals are raised you know for me just that factory farming method of producing dairy products and you know animal needs was enough for me to say I am out I don’t eat these foods anymore once I learned that information that was just huge.


We need to consider that you know there’s a lot of considerations it’s not just a black and white question you need to consider how often you’re eating it the quality of the meat you’re eating at the meteor eating and the way it’s prepared because if you’re eating fried foods and Barbie cute foods.

You know that’s one of the least healthy ways to consume you know any product whether it’s a meat product or not but animal products that are heated up to really high temperatures such as frying or charring and barbecuing are actually gonna produce even more toxic chemicals carcinogenic or cancer-causing him

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