If cholesterol is high, it will not be possible without medication

If cholesterol is high, it will not be possible without medication

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat in the body. This is essential for the body. Cholesterol is the primary ingredient in the production of vitamin D in the skin, nervous tissue and certain hormones. Cholesterol is therefore essential. Cholesterol. This occurs only in animals. There are several Lipid Protin Particles that contain cholesterol. for example

* HDL (High-Density Lipoprotines)

* LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotines)

* VLDL (Very Low-Density Proteins).

Parts of a Lipid Profile report obtained during a routine blood test

1-Total Chorelrol





Triglycerides, which are non-cholesterol, are another type of fat. LDL particles carry the cholesterol produced in the liver to different parts of the body. HDL particles carry cholesterol from various parts of the body to the liver.

What are the possible causes of cholesterol?

Cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels wall over time. After this deposition, the blood vessel wall weakens and the proteins and cholesterol bind to it. It can block the blood vessels.

The organs in which the blockage is located can cause various illnesses.

If the artery of the heart is blocked, a heart attack may occur. (Green)

If the blood vessels in the kidneys are blocked, the kidneys can become wea

Can children have similar conditions?

Blood cholesterol has been present since birth. These deposits also begin at birth. But a disease emerges many years later. In adulthood, heart disease is like a result of cholesterol deposited from an early age.

Why do some people have heart disease if everyone has cholesterol in their body?

There are several reasons why cholesterol affects the deposition of blood vessels. The main ones are cholesterol. Specifically, LDL is cholesterol.

* Diabetes

* High blood pressure Smoking

* Lack of exercise

* Genetic conditions

Because of these factors, each person’s cholesterol levels vary, so if a person’s blood cholesterol levels are low, they may have a heart attack if they have anemia, such as smoking or uncontrolled diabetes.

What is a normal cholesterol level?

When blood cholesterol is low, blood vessels are depleted. So the lower the cholesterol, the better. The optimal level a healthy young person should have

LDL <130 mg / dL

HDL> 45 mg / dL

Triglycerides <150 mg / dL

Total Chorelrol <230 mg / dL

Doctors advise the elderly, those who are not exercising or have other medical conditions to set cholesterol targets lower than the values ​​above.

How do you know your cholesterol level?

Cholesterol levels do not cause any symptoms in the body. Therefore, a blood test alone can determine the level of cholesterol.

How to Reduce Cholesterol

Exercise and exercise can reduce cholesterol to some extent. But it often takes medication. One of the most important aspects of exercise is decreasing cholesterol deposition.

Cholesterol for a pregnant woman

No cholesterol medication is harmful during pregnancy.

How long does cholesterol medication take?

Drugs reduce cholesterol production only until the drug is taken. Keeping cholesterol low is a long-term thing, so medication should be taken long-term.

Can Cholesterol Damage Liver or Kidney Disease?

It is a false myth. If not taken, medications can cause death. Fear of side effects rather than death is ridiculous.

What is Cholesterol Low food?

Cholesterol is produced only by animals. Therefore, cholesterol is present in meats. The liver has high cholesterol. Therefore, eating meat, and animal life is not acceptable. Cholesterol is lower than other red meat in skimmed chicken. You can eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Plant oil does not contain cholesterol. But when you eat more oil, the body produces cholesterol.

What advice would you give to people who have high cholesterol?

There are no more dangerous side effects than death. Therefore, deaths can be postponed by long-term and persistent medication without being deceived by false myths.

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