Identify oral cancer friends

Identify oral cancer friends

We do not even want to hear the name of cancer. Whoever gets cancer, some of us have been diagnosed with the same type of cancer. Oral cancer is the most common type of cancer, especially in our country. Oral cancer is a serious concern we see an increase of about 40 cancer patients suffering from oral reports from Sri Lanka looked into account data of the past five years and the cancer is mostly older people væḷadenuyē haṭayaga because they are exposed to the risk committee during more hospitable

What is oral cancer?

Any type of cancer in the oral cavity is called oral cancer. Changes in the oral cavity before the onset of oral cancer are known as pre-oral cancer signs.


Use of betel leaves

Use of tobacco and areca nut products

Smoking and alcohol use


Prevalence of pre-oral cancer symptoms and the onset of oral cancer, especially those who are more accustomed to one of the above habits, are at increased risk for developing oral cancer. The higher the number, the greater the chance of developing oral cancer It has been scientifically identified that tobacco releases about 28 carcinogens and about 4 carcinogens in the aubergine. Make it easy

All of the pre-oral cancer symptoms can turn into oral cancer

No, but a percentage of them can become oral cancer.

Features that you can easily identify

White spots and red spots can be seen anywhere near the mouth, on the cheek, on the cheek, on the tongue, on the cheeks, and on the mouth.

These spots are often discernible and can not be removed. Very small spots and very large spots can be seen.


Almost every color change seen in the oral cavity is not due to pre-oral cancer symptoms. Chemical burns caused by various chemicals.

Oral mucosal fibrosis

Oral sub-mucus fibrosis is a predominant oral cancer symptom, especially in the case of the use of apex. Such changes are characterized by excessive inflammation

Oral Mucosal Fibrosis Among Students

Aloe vera products have become very popular among schoolchildren in recent years due to the use of them.

He can check his mouth when brushing his teeth in the morning

You can detect these changes by checking your mouth at least once a month when brushing your teeth


Take a small mirror and inspect all areas of your mouth to see if it is a good light.

In addition, people who are at risk for oral cancer, such as those who chew on the daily chew with chewing gum: those who occasionally use tobacco or alcohol, and who use tobacco and areca nut products, should undergo an oral examination from a dentist at least once a year. Dental facilities available at any government hospital for cancer screening, In addition, the imposition of the commodity āyanavala all necessary facilities for the center to identify cancer earlier Narahenpita operating under the Ministry of Health clinic dates and times are

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 30pm to 4 pm

By using all of these amenities and avoiding unhealthy habits, you can do your best to prevent this painful and unfortunate illness. cancer treatment is a high-quality body please don’t use Alcohol and others. Please stop using alcohol and you will get rid of cancer. Read this article and add something new to your life now. Wash your hands with soap and water daily and reduce your chances of contracting cancer. Take oral cancer is very nasty I want to bring more and more acknowledgment letters. Oral cancer is most likely caused by drinking arrack and cigarettes. If you quit your habit, you can escape oral cancer.

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