Here’s how to make this amazing herbal remedy

Here’s how to make this amazing herbal remedy

Katarolu is one of the most used flowers for gardening. When the blue blossoms fill the vines, the garden gets a strange light. Although the plant is planted in the backyard, not everyone knows the medicinal value of it. Kataraului is a valuable herbal medicine that can cure many diseases of local medicine. Although not known to society today, as the ancient doctors said, Katarolu is a great medicine that cures many ailments.

Generally speaking, two types are distinguished. The two varieties are blue catarrh, which is a blue flower, and white cattle that produce white flowers. Ayurveda called the Aparjita, Girikarka, Ghe Kurani, belongs to the Tchaojajachao caste. The botanical name of the breed. Katoralu is not a new plant to Ayurveda. This drug is widely used to cure many ailments.
Ayurvedic texts such as Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Ashtaganguhuda Sanghada and the Buddha Dasa Saruta Code are also mentioned in this story. According to ancient doctors, it was the best medicine to eliminate blood, air, inflammatory, and inflammatory diseases in general. According to the Code of Conduct, Katarolu is a form of anti-inflammatory, which is said to cure various ailments by curing this herb. It is also widely known that dandruff is a youth-preserving drug.

It is also said to be good for the elimination of poisons in the body. It is said to be effective in treating rashes and wounds. Ayurveda classifies this plant as a pea because it is a plant. Spikes are small, white, blue-and-white flowering spikes that have small leaves. In some lands, the young shoots are taken as a curry. In countries like Burma, tamarind flowers are fried and eaten like papadam. They are very tasty and good food. It is a species of legumes found in Sri Lanka, India, Burma, and Thailand. As a result, the soil is fertile, where the spindle is grown. A plant of fertile soil.
Medicinal Diseases for Disease The roots, flowers, leaves, bark, and bones of the plant have taken on the same five-fold. In the case of cough, asthma, and the common cold, the root of the mouth is very good. Dry roasted powder (as powder) into 1 g of hot water a day. A few wails will heal. Also, if the scratchy roots dry and smoke, the skin will heal.
Drinking a decoction of the five leaves of the spinach tree can also remove the mucous membranes. Even now the research has confirmed that. Catahoula is said to be an anti-depressant drug.

The most suitable for this purpose is roasted roots. If you drink this herbal decoction as an original decoction, it would be an excellent medicine. To treat local ailments such as hysteria, mad dog diseases, tattoos are taken. Also, insect and snake bites help to eliminate toxins in the body.
Cataracts are one of the best remedies for infertility in both men and women. Also, women’s uterine diseases are very effective. Katara is one of the best medicine to cure internal or internal ailments. It is a unique medicine that helps to relieve pain, swelling, and bleeding.
In the case of blood-stained glass, a tincture is used as a decoction. You can also make whole caramel as a paste of stone and apply it on a paste.
Spinach is also known as a chiropractor. In severe headaches, a few drops of bristly leaves can be healed by taking two drops and pulling them up the nose. To heal the stench, put a few drops of white water with four drops of water. Drinking white tinctures daily is very beneficial for the disease. In the case of uterine diseases, drink a blue tincture of menstrual pain. It is beneficial.
If the roots of the spinach tree are cleaned, finely ground, and rubbed on the stone, the solution can be cured. The food road system is also very good. It can also heal gastric ulcers. All you have to do is make the blue bark and dry roots, the bark is finely ground and cooked with honey and ghee. It is an excellent medicine for the gastric disease.

In the case of throat infections, rubbing leaves and rubbing them on your throat is beneficial. Drinking the five gallons of cinnamon cancure every kind of kidney disease like urine, kidney stones, and kidney problems.
Also, oral diseases are good for oral diseases. Kataraului is a good painkiller. Therefore, in case of a toothache, sprinkle a few scratchy roots with peppermint and hold on to the painful tooth. Loss of teeth.
We have seen some people sweat profusely due to various weaknesses in the body. In such a case, the leaves of spinach can be eaten with raw edges and mashed. Sweating usually happens.
On occasion, the cow’s milk is mixed with rice, water, and ginger. Scars are also good for skin ailments. Mix 5 tablespoons 10 grams twice a day with a mix of powdered bee honey and honey. When a poison is injected into the body, rub it with bitter root lime juice and drink the juice. The poison will soon be gone.

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