What healthy means how to get fitness health

What healthy means how to get fitness health

                                                                                So we want to have a healthy heart we want to have lean muscle mass and we want to feel comfortable in our joints likely to move our joints and all of their different ways without feeling super tight or tense.Right.And so with my clients, that’s why yoga is often a thing that they’re very attracted to because it incorporates different elements and each of those categories hang in different ways. When we think about a healthy body there are a few things that we need we need our metabolism to work and we talked a lot about food and a prior podcast in there also is some physicality to that as well and we want to have a healthy heart right so a lot of times we think about gym class when we were younger we would do things like running a mile right can you do that what’s your endurance level and so that might be taking how your ability to.

                                                                                                                                       Embark on cardiovascular exercise or anything about cardiovascular exercise with thinking about challenging our heart and our breath rate I’m getting a heart rate up and then also there’s a very important component of that is our body’s ability to bring a heart rate back down to where it needs to be like it wouldn’t be healthy for us to always have an elevated heart rate right and so when working with cardiovascular activity it’s not only training us at a high heart rate but it’s also training our body’s ability to bring our heart rate back down to normal and often times we think of this as like it the concept of an Dorrance where someone is able to have a a pretty steady output for a long period of time because the train themselves to do so so their heart rate doesn’t go crazy right it’s raised pretty steady so that’s one thing right we wanna have a healthy heart when a heart that will pick up speed when we needed to and slows down when it needs to. Another component, if we’re going back to the gym class an allergy, would be like the sit and reach test where they would make you reach your fingertips down as he could touch your toes right so they’re measuring your ability to be flexible. Flexible as sort of a word that we throw around and a better word is an optimal range of motion do your joints move in all of the ways that they’re supposed to move in their full or optimal range so that’s another component.

                                                                                                                                        I’m and the third component that I think is really important and truthfully we are sort of having a renaissance especially as women a renaissance to re-embrace this aspect of fitness is our muscle and building muscle so when we have. A lean muscle mass. We are able to boost our metabolism we are supporting our overall health we’re able to an end in there’s more to metabolism the just burning calories right we think about weight loss wondering calories but we have an optimal metabolism were actually able to metabolize or use the food that we’re putting in our body and so our muscles are part of that equation and so we want to have muscle muscle is is necessary to do all of the things in your life that you want to do and it’s also part of that a static goal that we might have for ourselves as well as increasing our feelings of well being because will feel strong and capable were able to accomplish the tasks that we need to with ease and it helps us use fuel more optimally so we’re receiving more nutrients our bodies getting what it needs so I would say I typically am looking at three different things. From us. It’s. Purely physical standpoint and then there’s kinda subcategories underneath there obviously right so we want to have a healthy heart we want to have lean muscle mass and we want to feel comfortable in our joints like you can move our joints and all of their different ways without feeling super tight or tense.Right.And so with my clients, that’s why yoga is often a thing that they’revery attracted to because it incorporates different elements and each of those categories hang in different ways.Right.I think that you know to just kind of bring back even for people that are maybe not but looking to become great.Athletes.Or but common you know impeccable physical shape just on the basic you know kind of ground-level for your health and longevity healthy heart incredibly important.Obviously.And.You know when it comes to things like joint pain people feeling and mobile this is something that I think almost all of us can sympathize with a little bit we’ve maybe felt like our knees were a little sore or maybe I think probably everyone’s twisted their ankle at. Some point in their life.

                                                       Or you know when you think about the shoulders and the knack that kind of perpetuation of the forward you know crabgrass shoulders, yeah you know is so pronounced in so common now that you know so many people you see you know that are maybe more elderly or whatever that Hon hashing of the shoulders that crouched posture really crunch neck is just it’s kind of the norm but it causes all this pain we know that it can also cause headaches migraines not to mention you know neck pain and shoulder tension so this idea of like keeping your joints healthy helping your body stay mobile has so. The implications you know even if you’re not looking to become extremely athletic no matter where you’re at that is clearly an important thing to do you have so to help you stay free from pain. You know so. To help you like you were saying state able to do the things you want to do lift you know pick up your kids live something up over your head reach back behind you I mean all of these things come back to that concept of mobility and keeping your joints really healthy yeah and so I just you know always like to encourage people to remember that you know healthy physical fitness having a good physical composition in your body and helping support it to do it needs to do is really important for you no matter where you’re at absolutely you don’t have to be you don’t have to have high athletic goals to justify exercise exercises going to help you no matter what walk of life you are in and we talk a lot about intensity well intensity is subjective you know everybody feels intensity differently SO one we know that and we know that there are just so many different ways to enjoy a move for it you can absolutely find something that’s at your level right now so there’s really no reason to wait and then when we look at. How do we bring the body back into balance you’re mentioning all of these ways that we might feel pain in the body and we’re looking at these different components of fitness it’s not just a stretch when your joints feel sore it’s also saying our MI strengthening the muscles that support these joints and so it would be probably really easy and happy for everyone if I could just say everybody just needs to stretch more but the reality is we need to stretch more we need to build muscle more we need to work on our balance and coordination.

                                                                        Yeah. We need to set aside time for rest and recovery. So when it comes to physical fitness there are a lot of different things that we need to keep in mind and it doesn’t mean that we need to do all of that in one hour we might stagger on one day I do yoga on the next day I lift weights the next day I go on a long walk.Or.A jog and we can sort of build a balanced program for ourselves and that really for the average person let’s see they don’t they’re not looking to run a marathon or they’re not engaging in a specific athletic endeavor let’s say that they’re just looking for like general exercise health.Coming.Up with a pretty regular rotation of different activities is very healthy because you can challenge one part of the body and one day and you can challenge a different part of the body on a different day and so you’re never overloading one aspect of your fitness multiple days in a row so yoga is one exercise modality fitness modality movement modality that can be manipulated in lots of different ways so you can have a powerful practice where are you or are addressing large muscle groups in the body you’re doing big dynamic movement you’re getting your heart rate up you can also have a more gentle practice where maybe you are still moving the body but you’re not at quite the energetic output that you are in a flow practice we also have on a completely another end of the spectrum yen were looking more at bound up connective tissue and how can we start to bring some ease back into the joints especially when the joints are bound up and yet itself also works with the same systems that Chinese medicine does so we could even go into that aspect of energetic health so.

                                                                                      What I love about yoga is that it’s so multi-faceted and beyond just being a physical practice it’s also a mind-body practice and it has eighty eight path and a philosophy that goes with it so we aren’t looking at our physical body in a silo we don’t just say like okay I’m a lawful person my brain lives over here and my emotions live here and then over in the square over here is my physical body what’s great about yoga is it says okay we’re a little bit more like spaghetti like that sauce is going to go everywhere and everything impacts everything I am in so if we feel physical pain right where the slim shoulders person we’re probably not going to feel emotionally available either right we’re probably. Hurting right so we’re hurting in the body we’re not gonna have a huge capacity to be. This genuine open and generous person to others because we are in pain right and not to say that people in pain are generous but it’s not going to be as easy for us to step outside ourselves and go lend a hand when we are in an experience of chronic pain.Right.And so it’s so so so important to listen to the communication their body is sending us and respond. To view the full video version of this interview along with hundreds of other life-changing health and wellness videos subscribe to wellness plus dot TV or simply become a Petri on supporter at Patrie on dot com slash psyche truth and remember that if you want to be alerted of our new YouTube videos you’ve gotta be subscribed end click that notification bell you can listen to this full podcast interview for free right now on your favorite podcast apps including Spotify apple podcasts in more I’ve included all the links you need down in the description below. We specialize in all things health and wellness ranging from yoga and fitness to massage in AS a mark whether you’re looking to target specific areas of tension or want to enhance your general self-care routine we provide the tools you need to feel better look better and live better. We have courses for every level whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro our courses provide a wide range in difficulty to accommodate. Welcome back to yoga with jazz we’re going to break down really essential postures we are going to rock out with some of the most sensual exercises that you have always dreamed of Linden techniques to help you connect with students and you can be a rockstar teacher wellness plus is available on Amazon which you can stream from your home on your phone tablet or TV join wellness list today and get your first seven days free.

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