health benefits of swimming

health benefits of swimming

now if you already swimming that you know just how amazing of a work out it can be not only for your body but also for your mind it’s applicable for all ages but before we talk about the ten awesome health benefits of swimming make sure you hit that like and subscribe now the first awesome benefit is the fact that it’s a total body workout I mean the water is eight hundred times more dense than air so the fact that your body is moving through this resistance the medium of water it gets you an awesome work out they really engages your muscles it improves your strength tone your muscles and also increases your metabolism so that if you can control your diet after a swim actually gonna burn more calories throughout the day because you are you engaged more muscle groups and so that’s the first reason why swimming is an awesome health benefit now the second reason it’s awesome is it because of the cardiovascular fitness self swimming unlike other sports allows you to aerobically engage your body your heart rate is elevated for a sustained period of time even if you take breaks swimming is a great cardio workout it’s also a low impact cardio workout so similar to running and biking swimming is aerobic it gets your heart rate up but unlike running for example swimming is low impact on your joints you’re in this medium of water and it supports your body because this great medium of resistance you can get a great workout and with low impact on your body low impact cardio it’s also a life long the fitness activity it’s a life long sports unlike other sports where there’s only a certain period of time in your life where you can do it swimming is they say is the only sport the only activity that you can do from cradle to grave from the time you’re born even actually you spend your time in the womb and your mom your swimming and then you can learn a sort of very very young age whether you’re doing so.

Swim team or not you can enjoy the water at any age and you can do it all the way into your seventies eighties nineties over one hundred years old three is also great for people who had injuries so let’s say you are a runner or you’ve done other sports and you’ve hurt yourself how are you just heard any part of your body and you need to wait to re had entry cover you can do it in the water because the water again it’s sort of like a cushion for your body it’s zero gravity you get the benefits of muscle engagement and aerobic activity without the hype pounding impact of lifting weights or running for example something is also great for people who have a some kind of a disability so similar to if you have an injury let’s see have arthritis if you have any kind of a a physical or even a mental disability swimming is a fantastic way to engage your body and your mind it also improves self confidence and ton of benefits for people who have say multiple sclerosis for example to be in the water to get their physical activity there exercise elevate their heart rate and you can only really do that with the sport of swimming if safe if you are pregnant so unlike a lot of other activities that you can’t you while you’re pregnant if you’re a woman is really constitutes you but also anyone affiliated with someone who happens to be pregnant you can swim at any stage of pregnancy now we’re not giving medical advice so please consult a doctor always before serving if you’re pregnant or before any new fitness routine but typically when someone is pregnant again a little bit of added weight and that will increase the impact on their joints and that can cause joint pain swimming is amazing because you’re in the water you have to really worry about a lot of those pains and aches that you would have if you did an activity on land the seventh is that it burns a massive amount of calories swimming burns the most calories of almost any other physical activity and that’s because you’re moving through a medium of water that is eight hundred a medium of water that is eight hundred times more dense than air so because you’re moving through this medium you’re engaging all your different muscle groups you’re gonna burn calories.

Very very fast it’s a low impact way to burn more calories than you can doing other forms of activity of course the amount of calories that you burn actually matters on a number of different factors including your gender how much you weigh the intensity of the activity that you’re doing if you’re in the lead competitive swimmer that’s a bigger mail for example that way is maybe ninety kilograms you can burn up to one thousand calories in just a single hour of swim training with a structured work out now most people are not treating that intense and are not that size but it’s very common to see a server and union fifth minute female or male to burn anywhere from three hundred to five hundred calories in one hour and also it’s a low impact so you can do that every single day unlike running your weightlifting which you might have to do alternating days to give your body a break swimming you can do every single day it also helps improve sleep in this really goes towards any type of physical activity because it what what happens is your body is engaged in such as a proven that if you have insomnia exercise can help you stay asleep for a longer period of time at night to me is awesome because you engage all of your different muscle so you’re pretty much tired evenly throughout your entire body and they see a lot easier for you to go to sleep and stay asleep so they will also boosts your mood so when you exercise swimming or any other activity you’re gonna release endorphins in your brain this makes you feel good it makes you happier and so swimming of course releases endorphins so during a work out after work out you’re actually going to feel like you’re in a better mood it after the work I releasing endorphins and also help to improve your self confidence and self esteem similarly it’s a great way to manage stress we mention how swimming is amazing for your body and all these great attributes to improving your health but also your mental health is going to improve as well because you can manage your stress swimming is a great way to sort of escape from the world and go into your own place or in the water you’re not to talk to anyone you can just escape from everything.

And it’s a great way to manage stress that was ten ways that swimming is an awesome benefit for your health mental and physical but there’s a bonus swimming makes you happy bonus or here so if you talk to anyone who swims throughout their life the always tell you that they’re always happy you’re after a swim workout and if you’re looking to get these benefits of healthy mental and physical and you to want to be happy and you want to get in this really make sure you download my swim pro application so you can get involved the training plan so you can get swimming and get all the benefits that the sport.

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