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It is high in nutritional value. That is why some people tend to add more peanuts to their diet.

But “The Liver” is not a good thing to eat. Eat two or three servings a day, but if you suffer from a condition like cholesterol, you should limit your intake. They should be consulted with medical advice.

Some fish livers are valued as food, especially the stingray liver. It is used to prepare delicacies, such as poached skate liver on toast in England, as well as the beignets de foe de rate and foie de raie en route in French cuisine.

 Cod liver (usually tinned in its oil and served seasoned) is a popular spread for bread or toast in several European countries. In Russia, it is served with potatoes. Cod liver oil  is commonly used as a dietary supplement.

 Liver of burbot is eaten in Finland: it is common for fish vendors and supermarket fish aisles to sell these fish with liver and roe sacks still attached. These parts are often eaten boiled or added to burbot soup. Burbot and its liver are traditional winter food.

  • Poisoning 

Very high doses of vitamin A  have the potential to be toxic and can cause hypervitaminosis A , a dangerous disorder. There have been several anecdotal reports and a few scientific studies of vitamin A poisoning due to the consumption of the livers of polar bearswalrusesbearded sealsmoose, and huskies . The livers of these animals can contain very high levels of vitamin A.

The Inuit will not eat the liver of polar bears or bearded seals. It has been estimated that the consumption of 500 grams of the polar bear liver would result in a toxic dose for a human.

Russian sailor Alexander Konrad , who accompanied explorer Valerian Albanov  in a tragic ordeal over the Arctic  ice in 1912, wrote about the awful effects of consuming polar bear liver.

Also, in 1913, Antarctic  explorers on the Far Eastern Party Douglas Mawson and Xavier Mertz  were believed to have been poisoned, the latter fatally, from eating husky  liver, though this has been contested recently.

Vitamin A poisoning is less likely from consuming oil-based vitamin A products and liver than from consuming water-based and solid preparations.

Mercury content in some species can also be an issue; in 2012 the Government of Nunavut  warned pregnant women to avoid eating ringed seal  liver due to elevated levels of mercury.

The neurotoxin in the liver of the pufferfish (which is consumed in Japanese cuisine as fugue, tightly regulated by Japanese law) contains the highest concentration of the tetrodotoxin, which characterizes the species. As a result, it is generally not eaten.

  • Traditions

Pig liver is a traditional food of immigrant Okinawa’s in Hawaii. It used to be eaten on New Year’s Eve.

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