Eat three servings of rice immediately

Eat three servings of rice immediately

We are a nation of rice-eaters. Can we boast of the present?

The answer would be impossible. It is reported that there are about 13,000 people who are hospitalized for heart disease.

There are many young people in the age group of 18-20 years.

When looking at people with diabetes, one out of every ten people is either close to or suffering from diabetes.

Ten (10%) of children between the ages of 12 and 14 in Sri Lanka suffer from obesity.

Therefore, they are at increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease at an early age.

This shows that in the past, a nation that was as strong as a giant of the three-wheeled rice had become sick not only by eating rice but also high-nutritious food.

Now you may be wondering why the people who ate at that time in the morning were healthy and those who are currently eating at sunrise.

The answer is that most of us nowadays eat laundry and eat.

The Sinhalese who ate the rice at that time wanted to eat rice and cultivate paddy fields. They built tanks and They walked for miles. They gave their labor to build dagobas. Therefore, the energy they get from the rice does not accumulate unnecessarily because of hard work. It was expensive.

But today, most of us do not do that bodywork. They don’t walk for hundreds of miles and walk hundreds of meters. They spend most of the day sitting and working.

Due to this laziness, the nourishment the body receives is stored in the body without cost. Starch is deposited in the blood as sugar in the blood vessels, as cholesterol in the walls of the blood vessels, as fatty tissue on the skin, or as fatty acids in the liver.

Obesity occurs when excess fat is deposited on the skin. Cirrhosis occurs when the liver is deposited.

Hypertension and heart disease occur when deposited in the blood vessels.

Diabetes occurs when sugar is high in the blood.

Then there is the simple solution to the question of what we should do. Getting out of the lazy way of life and focusing on living an active lifestyle and eating a balanced diet.

Eat a balanced diet

Most of the three main meals today are mostly starch. That is. In addition to this, potatoes, jackfruit, cinnamon, etc. Vegetables and malts are added very little.

Instead of this meal, add 1/3 of the starch or rice or yams, jackfruit, and dill. Add the remaining 1/2 vegetable, green gram, masala egg or soy.

In addition, fruits should be eaten. It should be borne in mind that fruits are not just apples, oranges or pineapples. You can eat any kind of fruit, including several, banana, tree lamb, Nellie.

Drink at least three liters of fresh water daily.

Eating should be done at least half a kilometer, walking or at least half an hour of exercise or physical activity.

Instead of a three-course meal, one meal should be served with rice and the other rice will have to be eaten with grains such as chickpeas, green gram, cowpea, and foods prepared from grains and flour.

When eating rice, use boiled rice. It has a fine texture.

Eating foods made from bread flour should be restricted.

Eating habits should also be corrected. That is to say, most people use lentils today as bread. Bread and lentils are the most common starch. Therefore, when eating bread, you should use coconut sambal, fish and egg curry.

Avoid adding more potatoes, jackfruit, and dill with rice. All this should contain only half of the dish.

One of the major causes of heart problems today is the consumption of starch.

Eating too much starch increases the amount of lipoprotein in your body. When lipoprotein is increased, cholesterol is deposited in the coronary arteries of the heart and the supply to the heart is impaired, resulting in heart failure or heart failure. The end result is premature death.

Therefore, you should reduce starch in the diet as much as possible. Medical research has found that a physically active person is not harmful to eat three or four eggs a week. It has also been identified that there is nothing wrong with eating cheeses and buttermilk as usual.

The oils used for cooking should not be used once or twice for cooking.

Once used, only coconut oil can be used again. Other oils are harmful to use.

Deep cooking should be limited when cooking.

Instead of squeezing the coconut milk, the squeezed coconut milk is added to the diet to limit the excess fat. Coconut has fiber which makes digestion easier. Control of constipation.

If we prepare our daily meals and live an active life, we will be able to control the disease and live as members of the tens of millions of giants.

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