Does Fruit Make You Fat or Help with Weight Loss Healthy Eating

Does Fruit Make You Fat or Help with Weight Loss Healthy Eating

Which is free and weight loss so I have a couple of tips I want to share with you answering that question. Can I still eat fruit and lose weight. And what might surprise you is that eating more fruit could actually. Help you lose more weight so I want to share that information with you today thank you so much for joining me. One of the biggest misconceptions about fruit is that they contain too much. Sugar to be part of a healthy weight loss diet. Now while it is true that fruits contain sugar and certainly if you’re eating too much fruit. The sugar content could impede your weight loss you have to understand that fruit is far more. Then just the sugar content gives us nutrients minerals antioxidants so the first one that I want to talk about is. An antioxidant is known as info science so. Anthocyanins are typically found in red-colored fruits so raspberries cherries watermelon so these anthocyanins are found to specifically. Target belly fat or they have been found to prevent what’s known as the metabolic syndrome of which belly fat is the most common.Sign.So.Any kind of reddish fruit.Know that it has specific belly fat. Blasting a properties thanks to those anthocyanins.

                                                                                                              A few other fruits that have been specifically correlated. With belly fat are great fruits and plums so there was one study that particularly looked at consumption of grapefruit before meals and they found that people who consumed just half. A grapefruit.Before a meal. Tended to have significantly. Lower belly fat. And lower cholesterol it’s kind of an added bonus so. Great fruit plums even.Nectarines.As well these are. All fruits that have been found to specifically help target and prevent that belly fat. Another component of fruit that makes it fantastic for weight loss is the fiber content. So fiber not only helps to fill us up and signal to the brain that we are full and we should stop eating but fiber also slows down the process of digestion in general so it slows down the amount of time it takes for the sugar to hate your bloodstream but it also just slows the. The general digestive process so that when you. Eat fruit it’s going to give you a longer duration of energy because it’s slowing down the release of that sugar in your bloodstream. It just in general fiber improves pretty much your entire digestive process so people who experience belly fat and bloating I really think it’s important to. Increase your fiber intake especially the soluble fiber that we get fruit because of that kind of sluggish digestion and bloating feeling that so many of us experience that’s also a sign that your body is not getting the nutrients. It needs from the food you’re eating. To improve your digestion to feel less hungry all the time. Freer. Another reason to. Eat more fruit is the presence of trace elements or trace minerals in the fruit so oranges contain a trace element known as selenium is really important.For.Regulating your thyroid so when we talk about your energy levels your metabolism recognizes that a lot of times we’re missing out on a lot of the trace elements and nutrients that we need and eating. A good variety of different fruits.

                                                                                                                    It’s a great way to get those minerals in so selenium is just one example where if you are not getting enough in your diet it can affect your energy it can affect your ability to burn fat. Okay, you. Back to your metabolism so eating oranges as a metabolism booster is a great ten for weight loss. Another great tip is to eat an orange or another fruit with a good amount of vitamin C. such as grapefruit up before you work out. Because of vitamin C. and other phytochemicals in the fruit. Well actually protect your muscles from oxidative damage that occurs when we work out so you’ll actually feel less soreness the next day if you eat a piece of fruit before you work out it also helps to give you that. Affleck throws light.Content.Or others charge mineral particles. That we often lose when we do a lot of sweating so instead of drinking a power eight just. Eat a piece of fruit. Different fruits also contain different varieties of. Polyphenols and these are one variety of antioxidants and they have found that these certain phenolic compounds actually. Change and protect our DNA and our genetic expression.So.When we talk about fat genes sometimes people have talked about there’s a certain part of our genetics that. Predispose is asked to being overweight. That’s really a vast oversimplification all right so we have our DNA there’s tons and tons of different genres. And part of what actually determines.Our.Body type our energy levels all these different things. Is what’s known as the genetic expression so which genes are turned.On and which genes are turned off and so a big part.Of our health.Has to do with the health of our DNA.And.How our DNA is expressed.And so. Each is. Our one fruit that they’ve actually found contains this specific phenolic.Compounds.That protects your DNA, okay and that also affects the. Genetic expression.So.Things like inflammation diabetes. Obesity cholesterol levels all of these things end up dealing with that gene expression and so those emails that we get from fruits like peaches can actually help to. Improve that genetic expression.Towards.A healthier body less weight gains more energy at Cetera. Have you ever heard someone say that some people just have fat? Genes.Or that being overweight can be due to someone’s genetics. Well, this is kind of a complex topic but the bottom line is that. Every single person. It has miles and miles and miles of DNA. And largely what determines ours. You know the way that we look at our health and all these different things are the expression of those jeans so the genetic expression refers to how much of our DNA is turned on. And how much of it is turned? Off and so different parts of our diet and our lifestyle and our stress.Will actually affect.This.Genetic expression.So.

                                                                                                            They found that there are certain phenolic compounds. Okay in his and other fruits as well but specifically impeaches that effect. This genetic expression so actually protecting us from things like.Inflammation.Also art genetic. Pre disposal towards things like obesity diabetes high cholesterol all comes back. To that genetic expression and again this female.In peaches. It can actually help to change and protect the DNA so that your genetic expression. Leans more towards lower inflammation. Less likelihood to gain weight more likely had to lose weight, Santorum. Another reason that fruit is great for weight loss is the presence of antioxidants. So these are certain phytochemicals or plant chemicals.That.Actually help to protect your cells your tissue your DNA your brain from. What’s called. Oxidative damage.More free radical damage. So just as. A product of our exposure to processed foods. And chemicals and stress and pollutants.At.These different things contribute to what’s called. Oxidative damage and it’s just a general part of the aging process and what’s important about antioxidants is that they help to protect you from that oxidation and that’s why I say when you think antioxidants think.Anti.Aging.And when it comes to somebody who is trying to lose weight. Part of that anti-Occident benefit is that it’s going to keep. Your skin healthier your muscles healthier.Pretty much. Everything in your body is going to function. Better when you are taking in more of these antioxidants. So you’re brightly colored berries like raspberries and blueberries blackberries and then your superfoods like Australian goji berries are fantastic sources of those antioxidants. Sometimes people talk about wine having health benefits but it’s great. That has health benefits okay and from a. Weight loss perspective you really important to understand that the alcohol content of the wine.Pretty much ruins any hope of wine being good for weight loss. But you can still reap those antioxidant benefits by just eating grapes instead. So the last thing that I want to mention talk about is this coconut sugar. So there are a lot of different sweeteners out there and my general recommendation is just to opt for something as natural as possible it’s close to is it it’s natural state as possible so the healthiest way to satisfy your sweet tooth is by eating a piece of fruit for all those reasons I just gave but sometimes you need a sweetener to add to your coffee or your team here when you’re baking or whatever so. I wanted to show you this coconut sugar and talk about why I think this is a healthier option than. A lot of the other speakers. Out there the bottom line is that when you use a natural sweetener rather than something like high fructose corn syrup or regular refined white sugar you’re also getting a whole lot of different nutrients as well

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