Do you still eat chickenpox?

Do you still eat chickenpox?

The festivities are dawn. It is common these days to have small gatherings of relatives and friends. One such dish that comes up at every party is chicken. Cooking for rice. Fried in the bite. Or the devil. Nowadays, this is how the chicken is made. When this happens, the chicken is baked. As the process unfolded, people who had a taste for poultry, especially those who had poultry dishes, had heard some bad news. It was confirmed that the chicken starch contains heavy metals.

This has been the subject of much discussion recently. The Nutritional Biochemical Research Unit of the National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, which carried out scientific research on this matter, has been able to confirm this finding. From time to time, there is the talk of arsenic in water, rice, and cereals.

A few months ago, scientists from the Department of Chemistry, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, conducted a selection of chicken dishes. It’s the same story again. Dr. Ruwini Liyanage, Head of the Division of Nutritional Biochemistry Research Unit of the National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, joined to inform the latest research.

“Poultry is a food that everyone loves to eat, from baby to adult. Daily chicken is the easiest way to get the protein we need. We wanted to make sure the quality of the chicken was high because of its high consumption. We started our research in 2016. Three chicken producers from the local market were selected for this research. We analyzed the three types of chest area, pectus, and sandbox. ”

The research team used high-tech techniques for this analysis. One of the hazards that has been researched using these tools is that the starch of one manufacturer contains arsenic heavy metal that is higher than the WHO recommendation.
“This is why we tested the food quality of the poultry supplied by the three poultry producers we tested above to determine how heavy metals come into the chicken. In commercial poultry, broiler chickens are mainly provided with two main types of food.

The commercial poultry feed uses organic minerals. We tested whether heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and cadmium were present. That is why it was revealed that broiler poultry contains more heavy metals than is acceptable. In addition, zinc, copper, and magnesium added to the diet of poultry to prevent poultry disease in commercial poultry far exceeded the recommended limits.

According to Dr. Ruvini, the accumulation of heavy metals in the starch can be due to the contamination of raw materials used in animal feed production, bad poultry farming, and contaminated drinking water. The lecturer states that the use of too many organic minerals is a detriment to the growth of poultry.

“There are a lot of serious illnesses associated with heavy metals such as chicken. Heavy metals accumulate in various organs of our body, causing neurological, bone and liver damage, as well as cancer. When eating poultry, it is important to avoid eating peanuts.

Since peaches are a rich source of iron and protein, our mothers regularly add peaches to the diet of young children. But don’t give your kids a pee. Long term implantation of chemical components in the liver can cause many illnesses. Just like pregnant mothers and nursing mothers, beware of eating disorders. ”

It is important to note that poultry farming owners should be responsible for poultry farming in accordance with the standards set by the various standards of vitamins and minerals and organic supplements. It is also important to note that the government authorities are paying attention to regulate the quality control of poultry farms.

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