Chest Exercises to Bust Bra Fat Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Chest Exercises to Bust Bra Fat Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

                                                                               I am Ashley Borden and welcome to perfect form let’s be honest there is nothing sexier than a great fitting bra but there is nothing worse than that unsightly Prof bath so I am here to show you some exercises that are gonna make brought that a thing of the past. We’re going to be working on your chest today which actually can be a very hard muscle to activate especially if you’re really tight in your chest you sit in front of a computer all day you’re holding babies your internally rotated with your shoulders so we’re gonna go through some rolling out stretches and had a really activate the muscle correctly in this series okay so we’re going to start first with a chest opening up move which would be using a ball hi your pack no I’m using a softball but you can definitely use a softer ball but it’s important that you’re using something that’s high enough in the circumference so you can actually get into the muscle you’re gonna put the ball right at the top of your pack you’re gonna stay over the ball and you’re going to go forward and pulled down with the elbow so again the ball might move out a little bit we want to make sure that you stay on top of it so you can really feel that into your pack and they’re going to do both sides and I would say about ten times on each side so you can really feel that deep opening in your pectoral muscle which will allow you to activate a lot more. And now let’s open up the rest of that shoulder harness through here which is also what keeps it really tight and in turn we rotated and we’re going to start with the lap you’re gonna do three points on your lap starting at your armpit and then you’re gonna moved out on pit lower and a little bit lower in waiting you set it up if you want to have the heel of your hand on your year like you’re not listening to me which you are and you’re gonna have your knee bent in front of the lake behind you and you’re going to rotate back and forth you’re gonna rock back and forth I want you to make sure they’re not doing this. Okay you’re not leading with your chain you want to feel like you almost have a neck brace on in you’re going to go back and forth I would say five times then you move it down same thing back and forth five times and then down one more time back and forth and again you can spend more time rolling out your lack to specially if you set a lot in front of a computer this is going to feel really good to open up the shoulders and those last so you feel like you can get much more of a stretch and you can activate your chest more when your lats are open so let’s move now.

                                                                                                To an active chest stress another we’ve opened up the muscle we when actually stretch it out an activated I’m gonna stand up and you’re going to do an active chest stretch finger tips are going to reach out in front jazz hands okay and you’re going to throw the arms back and really activate that chest keeping your head in line with your spine so when I’m throwing my arms back I’m not pushing my neck forward I’m keeping my head in line with my spine and I would do about ten of those you get a nice right for your biceps and now we’re gonna move to your last stretch right and you’re back on the side that’ll help open up that muscle from your triceps all the way down you’re going to base your feet wide you wanna find an object that doesn’t move and you’re going to sit back and tear heal and really push that tush backs you get that nice stretch all the weeds here Latin into your triceps I would say hold for about three deep breaths and then you’re gonna move      

                                                               To the other side. Same thing wide feet push that out and you’re gonna sit back in your standing he all on the side of the arm that’s holding if you feel that the extractions here latt now let’s activate those back muscles specifically your laps on the side that will really help you to really connect to your push ups when you’re doing it because now you’re back is nice is open but I want you to understand how to contracting really activate that muscle so I’m gonna lie all the way down I want you to grab a towel or I’m using a very thirty bands and you want to make sure that you have enough resistance so your arms are long and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna pull your arms keeping your elbows straight you’re gonna pull your arms all the way down really really pulling that valley in and then release so if you look what I’m doing on my side of my last is I’m holding down with the band away so activate my loud and then I’m releasing it you can do with both of your hands again you’re going to pull all the way down you’re not going to bend your knees your your elbows keep your knees bent and then you’re going to release it and one more time keep the belly pull then you’re gonna pull all the way down with those latch really really full feel that connection of your lap pulling down into your waist and then release it great so now that you’ve connected here last let’s move into a push up. Funny enough your last and everything to do with your push up a lot of times people think well I’m working my chest was ever do with my back well we explain right now. So the feeling that you just have when you were pulling those shoulders away from your ears and retracting your lats you’re going to use that exact same feeling that you just had with the bands so way to extend your arms out pushed shoulders away from your ears connect your lats and then you’re going to bring your palms down with your fingers really really wide one foot backs we your loot your other foot back so when you’re doing your push up what you want to feel like is the alignment of your thumb is in line with the base of your chest and then push all the way up to the top so if that’s too difficult you can go into your knees but what I want you to connect to your lats so keep those shoulders down keep those lads engaged during your whole push shop that way you can open up your chest more and you can activate that whole pectoral muscle which is everything through here because when your labs are retracted and you’re trying to do a push up a lot of times we feel in our traps and you

                                                                                                                         feel in your neck this way you’re able to open it up really connect your packs I would say start with about ten wrapped with that so now that you’ve done your chest and you work your big muscle we’re going to work some smaller muscle groups triceps I’m using a light to medium bands. The one attached I can understand that doesn’t move really important when you’re holding bands and you have a great that you don’t let your hand lay all this where your wrist open up and move you want to make sure of a very tight grip on it not too tight but enough that when you push back but you’re not letting your wrist role okay another thing I want you to do is to use those last that we just learned we are laying down use those leads to block your shoulders down pusher tailbone out please arms in the airside and you’re gonna do about ten tries to kickbacks from here pushing all the way through your knuckle don’t break the rest push out your knuckle ten times and then you’re going to reverse it in the arms in my shoulders are back I’m using my lats pushing straight through and again I don’t want to head out I don’t want it to for down right in line with your spine. And again ten reps the most important thing when you’re working bands or you’re doing dumbbells or using your body weight that you really connect to the muscle that you’re working so when you’re doing triceps so you’re doing your chest I want you to really try to focus in on the muscle that you’re trying to fire that way you’ll get better results and you’ll be able to build your body much quicker I’m actually boarding with perfect form and remember you can check out the rest of my videos and live strong women ask me a question you could jot down some ideas if you have some for me I will read it I will respond and remember I want you to always connect to your body.

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