Health benefits of bone broth collagen grass-fed meats health tips nutrition

Health benefits of bone broth collagen grass-fed meats health tips nutrition

                                                                        Hello and welcome to the wellness plus podcast I’m your host Karina Rachel and I’m joined today by Jessica Manson she’s a holistic practitioner and licensed acupuncturist and she’s here today to share some health and wellness tips that come both from an eastern medicine mentality and a western medicine mentality kind of the area where both east and west meet and agree interestingly enough we learned in a previous podcast that both western and eastern medicine recommends that we eat animal products contrary to what we’ve heard in a lot of other areas so we will be learning about why the body needs animal products and some other health and wellness tips that you can start implementing right now.

                                          So Jessica thanks you so much for joining me today. Thank you for having me it’s a pleasure to be here. Definitely, can you talk a little bit about your background and why you have chosen to kind of bring it the common ground between eastern and western medicine? Okay well, I am a licensed acupuncturist I went to my graduate school of integrative medicine and got my degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine there I graduated in twenty fifteen before that. In of having a bit of a scientific background my family is.Mostly.Scientific my father’s a polymer scientist and so originally when I thought I would study medicine I thought I’d be doing something more western so I went through.Of.All of pre-medicine and that all of that at the University of Texas I also did a bit of time in car practicality although that wasn’t wasn’t really what I’d hope it would be so I turned to acupuncture instead of the all that experience kinda gave me a passion for western medicine there’s a lot of it that’s really fascinating and really why isn’t really true however once I came into the world of eastern medicine that entirely turned what I thought about the body and about therapies kind of on its head and. At first, I was like well this is just kind of weird but really.

                                                                                                                      Once I kind of got through the weeds it all made sense even when I looked at it from a context of western medicine too so there’s a whole lot of areas of common ground I’m lucky I’ve also worked very closely with a physician who. It does a lot. Of traditional kind of western medicine type procedures and things like that but he’s also very well versed in acupuncture naturopathy and things like tai chi and she gong so was so knowing him has also.Really.Advanced my practice and allowed me to have a very. Integrative perspective. Mmhm and then in the previous podcast hi you talked about how it was your own health struggles so to speak that kind of brought you into eastern medicine and you actually approached it how with a lot of skepticism. Absolutely. So you’re gonna talk just a little bit about that because I think it’s so interesting not only to have somebody who has now devoted themselves to these you know more holistic and natural approaches to health but that before you have made that decision are made that transition you are actually quite a skeptic. Yeah absolutely as I was very skeptical of anything that wasn’t double-blind randomized control trial proven. And so so yeah I I got a gift certificate to go to an acupuncturist for my                      birthday one year and I had a million and one problems and I didn’t think that acupuncture really do anything for me but I’ve wanted to be nice to the person who gave me the gift certificate and so I went anyway and so yeah the acupuncturist told me that I should notice some significant changes within twenty-four hours of my treatment and I didn’t believe it all and told myself well if anything happens I know it’s not placebo because I think that this is going to do absolutely nothing. And sure enough I noticed some major changes within six hours and I was really really shocked and the more I’ve returned to see this acupuncturist the better I got in so that really got my attention you know thinking that you know I was so kind of rooted in this mechanistic view of of the body and of the world that it was like you know there might be something to this holistic stuff there might be something to that in so that really got me thinking and and after I really got my health back over the next few years it made me even more passionate because I found that the changes I was making other areas of my life like exercise or diet or whatever on tended to make me do better with my acupuncture treatments or do better with you know across the board. And so I was like wow okay I.I truly can’t do something in isolation and then as I went and I went through pre-medicine and learned about. Biology and learned about.

                                                            Having to be in a molecular biology at the same time I was taking a psychology course and so we were learning about sugar metabolism and at the same time in psychology we were learning about addiction and so I was looking at how sugars metabolize molecular early in the body and what type of soul your written response it makes and then in psychology I was looking at addictive behavior and like what certain types of biological responses can create addictive behaviors like. Wow, no wonder I feel so out of control with sugar. And so that really kind of got me thinking, even more, I was like wow. You know even these you know these very you know biomedical. Oriented.

                                                                                                          Type things kind of. Explain each other. And you wouldn’t think.That.That you know your sugar metabolism can explain how you think or why you do what you do and yet if we really delve into both they’re very interrelated and interestingly Chinese medicine and other integrative therapies have known this for a long time and have preached this for a long time so it was just kind of a logical step for me to go into an approach that’s more holistic. So to kind of dive into these health and wellness recommendations one of the topics that came up in the previous podcast you were talking about animal products the body’s need for them and how interestingly this is one of those recommendations that are in agreement from both the eastern and western modalities yes so let’s go ahead and I guess take that peace can you talk about animal products for her well I think I’ll start with kind of the basic health and dietary recommendations that you that you should have for a good if good long life you know eat real food don’t eat too much eight mostly plants

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