Benefits of Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil Uses and Health Benefits

Benefits of Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil Uses and Health Benefits

  • In today’s dry show we’re going over the five benefits of coconut oil I’m doctor Travis a link and me fiction is a learned in the next five minutes you’re going to learn the five benefits of coconut oil for all parts of your body if cooking oil safe to use around your rice is cooking oil helps your eyelashes grow if it’s safe and okay use it on your eyelids as well so we’ve got thousands of patients to use their start using coconut oil and we recommend organic unrefined coconut oil but they do use it for their multiple benefits including anti-bacterial anti-fungal it’s a moisturizer it’s a natural SPF has fatty acid benefits which we talk about all the time with dry ice but again before I forget if you’re satisfied and run your dry I had to drag NY dot com to get your free trial you book and then don’t forget to share this video and subscribe to our channel if you find this video helpful so with that being said let’s discuss the five benefits of coconut oil.

                   So benefit number one is coconut oil for the skin so vitamin E. is what makes coconut oil a perfect moisturizer in anti-ager so this gives you a nice glow right when you get out of the shower the vitamin D. in the coconut oil does fight aging and the skin did a high concentration of any accidents and also. Open and oil have.Into microbial properties so it can seed exam us arise says staph infections and other skin conditions it also helps decrease inflammation due to its high fatty acid content so it’s really great for your skin so benefit number two is eating coconut oil so coconut oil can improve your digestion because it helps the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins calcium and magnesium so it helps get help by destroying can data and bad bacteria which can really cause inflammation and digestive issues so cooking can really help with that and it can also help you lose weight because it increases energy expenditure by as much as five percent which doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s huge because you can burn an extra.

                                                                           One hundred calories per day and that’s thirty-six thousand calories per year so that’s a lot of calories so I can absolutely help you do that. I was gonna say I guess how do you eat coconut oil. So I eat coconut oil in my coffee. Actually I think substitutes for a great creamer and sweetener because it has that slight organic our organic site coconut flavor, yeah and then it has a look creamy buttery feel to it because it is coconut oil and so we put in there granted that makes it I we you can put in a fight in. Front in the best way to do it is to put your coffee and like a tablespoon or less or more whatever you want of coconut oil into a blender with your coffee landed up like in your Vitamix and it makes it really frothy it’s almost like you’re having like a coconut latte which is awesome so give it a try because coconut oil is absolutely great to eat and that’s a great way to get into your diet.

                                                                                    And you’d be surprised that like if you do that like I drink green tea with coconut oil in it in the morning and sometimes I won’t you breakfast because I’m doing a longer fast all the way up till noon and that well actually it’s kind of against the fasting but it makes you burn more fat in that state you actually end up burning more calories as a result.Sure.Absolutely so I can share this video if you find it helpful and leave a comment below as we always give away hi treatment Alaskans are to one commenter. And then how many questions that you have for us at the dry shows so benefit number three of cooking oil is coconut oil in your hair which is one of my favorites not because it makes your hair shine more than mineral oil does but because it actually I should go back to that it makes your hair shine more than their oil because it penetrates the hair shaft. I don’t use around here I would agree. Yeah that would be fun I would not because I’ve dry scalp and that’s another benefit so if you have dry scalp or like the inter for anything what I recommend doing is after you dry your hair you can take a tablespoon rub it in between your hands the local fire and then just massage into your scalp that’s gonna help out with dry skin you can rinse it off then if needed I don’t rinse it off I just leave it on because it’s not that greasy and then to get the benefits in the shower you can also use coconut oil as a conditioner instead of your normal conditioner and so you just rinse it off again that’s gonna meet leader her a little heavier than can distract us and it’s it’s gonna be a little crazier but it’s actually I love it and if my hair shorter I can actually use as like my hair gel. Or whatever.

                                                                                  Like who made or whatever you use for it so what song I can’t use it. I would recommend it if you have short hair use it as backstraps uses it if you have longer here you can use it as a conditioner in the shower that might work for you you can use that you know as a moisturizer in your hair on your scalp before bed and then shower in the morning that can be really helpful. Alright so benefit number four is coconut oil on your face so this sounds crazy to put oil on your face but make sure you’re using organic unrefined coconut oil. Cooking oil again contains antimicrobial properties which work to treat skin conditions like acne and then the antioxidants in coconut oil can help heal skin problems they have even scoring sometimes so what it also does for your skin is it leaves you with a nice glow and so if you come out of the shower you put coconut oil your basal actually noticed your skin is glowing a little bit more and that’s just as a result of just that little bit of oil but it absorbs well it doesn’t clog pores as much as you think it well so it sounds crazy, yes but it actually works really well and it’s only made up one can cook no. Snacks so a quick note on coconut oil for your face organic. Coconut oil organic unrefined coconut oil is a non-Quemada genic but you have to be careful with coconut oil that is not organic and none are fine. You know you’re getting. You don’t know what you’re getting and it is it can be cottage and I can clog pores and some people it can also be drying for some people see you just have to test it on your own skin and see what works for you.Yeah.So benefit number five is cooking with coconut oil which we do all the time so you want to replace your and nasty cooking oils that really clog your arteries with organic coconut oil so get rid of the corn oil peanuts story vegetable oil your honor definitely Crisco. Hello, I think my mom still has some in your cabinet mom please away.

                                         So actually. To go back in the so are you guys probably use butter and butter is very common everybody’s everybody’s household so if you use better at all replace it with if you liked salty flavor of butter which a lot of people do because it’s all that money can do is add a little sea salt your cooking oil liquefies it spread over anything you want a provider on it’s great if you like let’s say you make healthy mashed potatoes instead of butter put coconut oil in there with a little salt it’s going to be as creamy as your own honest yes without milk or butter yeah. Definitely so coconut oil is a great source of natural saturated fats which can increase the healthy cholesterol in your body and help to convert bad cholesterol into healthy cholesterol so this can lower your risk of heart disease help to lower your cholesterol and cultural is great because it has a higher smoke point than other oils so you know you don’t want to hear an oil until it’s smoking so coconut oil is great for cooking because it can be heated to a higher temperature smoking oils basically damages the oil and it’s not safe to consume after that so that’s why coconut oil is so great and make sure that you’re always using organic virgin. Coconut oil stressing that. So a bonus benefit is coconut oil for your eyes so as we age you know we all know that the skin below your eyes become then are you may make it dark and the stars are worse you to allergies and dehydration and lack of sleep and some different medications and things like that so to treat your under-eye circles and to treat you know just a flaky or dry eyelids in general you want to take about a teaspoon of the organic coconut oil just massage it on the skin underneath your eyes and even on your eyelids I’m okay with that too after you remove your eye makeup cleanse your skin and use the hydrant little last concert and let it dry.

                                  Yeah. So again share this video if you find it helpful and comment below as we pick one commenter to win hydrate Lynn last cleanser also come any dry questions you have alone would be happy to answer them or point you to a blog post that we’ve written or video we’ve done yes this is also a comment below and we may take you to win the hydrant wants let’s jump into a few questions that we had come in regarding coconut oil so the first question is coconut oil save for your ice so again it’s not going to harm your eyes if you’re using organic unrefined or virgin coconut oil so unrefined virgin are pretty much the same thing what that means is it comes from the actual meat of the coconut and it’s not chemically bleached or anything like that actually just come straight from the coconut so that being said it’s gonna cost some blurry vision your I. because you are putting oil in your I or even on your I lived in my getting your I. it’s gonna disrupt that your film is it is oil another side effect is it can clog your pores I know we said it doesn’t really quite your pores but it can on some people so just keep that in mind because it may cause a stye or something like that I’ve never had that problem and I use it for a long time she just had a sign we’re putting coconut oil so that was our spring and so be sure to use organic virgin coconut oil this is a broken record.

                                                                                  Could cause problems yeah the honest truth is if you don’t buy organic products you don’t know what you’re getting it’s actually kind of scary with olive oil for example our wills I can use most the time it’s mostly soybean oil unless you buy organic and same thing like palm oil almost been a hot topic because it’s been harvested poorly and. That you don’t know what you’re getting at is that organic and sustainable and so organic organic organic second question is it okay to use coconut oil on your eyelids yes organic virgin coconut oil and a side note on this is cooking oil can actually be drying for some people so if you notice that you’re using coconut oil in your skin starts to become a little drier it could be the cooking oil for most people it’s not but for some it is and so if you notice that cooking oil is drying use organic jojoba oil or you can use our eye makeup remover are I make up removers organic grape seed oil and that’s actually very non greasy whole world has to be a little grease here market there’s a greasy scale hotels at the time cooking oils in the middle and then grapeseed oil is kind of right work cooking oil is maybe a little blood so that’s where you can use either our eye make up removers moisturizer for your eyelids or you can use organic coconut oil as well.

Yeah so going along with that coconut oil we take with us a lot only travel because it hardens and it won’t get everywhere because every time I take a local oil with us when we travel I end up with it all over my travel bag so. With that point when you’re up in a plane that’s when it usually explodes yet and cooking oil in the temperature that a plane goes up in the air and it’s like what negative sixty or sixty yes I like that up there.Yeah.It hard since it will burst all over. But the reason you know so we take that coconut oil with us when we travel and I we use that as our moisturizer but I do find that my skin reacts differently and probably worse than when I use jojoba oil at home so you do have to just know what’s best for you basically so another question can coconut or make your eyelashes grow so eyelashes often break off because they become brittle because of blepharitis and even in a demon ex mates and things like that can all cause your eyelashes to start to break off and turn in different directions and it can do weird things but a great solution for.

                                             The brittleness is moisturization and that is what organic coconut oil can help you with so you can also use organic jojoba oil are also our organic eye makeup remover but you want to use oil on your lashes at least once per day what I do is I wash my face I use our spray I let it dry completely and then I moisturize my face and my eyelids with coconut oil or jojoba oil or whatever you’d like there to do we recommend coconut oil absolutely heck yes we do so eat it. Hello is. That put it in your hair use it on your eyelids user or whatever you want for the most part it’s a healthy oil it’s great for you so just make sure it’s organic virgin or unrefined coconut. I challenge you to replace your lotion with coconut oil it’s not that bad section of accuracy after about five minutes or so. Coconut oil isn’t but things like that can be see so again visit the link in the description to read more about this and don’t forget to like this video subscribe to our channel sure this is someone who you think might benefit from the video and don’t forget to visit dry community dot com to get your free dry ebook and thank you so much. All right let’s jump into some live questions. We get lots of them.Yeah.Go over there. Let’s see what we got here.

                               All right so he says my eye doctor suggested fish oil two times a day do you agree.Warm.Yes we so what we actually do and we start patients on fish oil user I try to make a three and a hydra maybe three just has under a thousand milligrams per day up does which is three fish oils the day we actually start our patient on double that does and so we’ll start on the three in the morning and then three at night and so they double the dose for about the first month or two that’s coal loading dose that gets the fish oil built up in our system gets bad to make a six is in bad omega threes out builds up a good omega threes and helps with that cholesterol helps with everything else that issue is good for so yes I recommend it twice a day at the beginning it’s call loading just like I said before and if you haven’t tried are hydrated make it three make sure you head over there and try that posted as are quite sure how. So Lisa asks is there a huge difference in coconut oil and coconut butter. Yes and there is a difference and coconut oil truthfully I mean they’re both going to be healthy to use so if you have a preference for sure use an organic version and use of whatever your preferences but coconut oil is just more general use and can be used for everything or as coconut butter you can’t really spread that on your skin very easily or anything like that coconut butter you’re more going to use for in cooking and baking and things such as an amateur has mom in it correct yes coconut water can just I mean it. Has more in it it’s just a different. You know the part article that basically by coconut oil is also much easier to find in my opinion I mean when I go to whole foods I can, of course, find coconut butter but if I go to any grocery store I can find coconut oil.

All right nine S. does all cooking oil have quite an eat so cooking oil has natural antioxidants and vitamin eating one of those in accidents that has fatty acids and so that you may not see it listed on the label but those are in the cooking oil they’re in the meat and so like when you press out the oil it’s going to transfer with the oil and so it’s just gonna be built in to help you with your skin and everything and it’s organic in it’s natural.Form.Jean says thank you for recommending coconut oil I found many amazing benefits of it so far I use it on my face including under my eyes in on my eyelids I feel a split lip very quickly with that I’ve used all over my body it’s the best and least expensive moisturizer I’ve ever used I agree completely and yes you can use as a live watchers are small. Our sources thank you for the coffee dip one tablespoon of cooking oil in coffee that’s a lot actually if you want to last night I do a tablespoon when I’m passing that morning so table soon cook on the coffee blend in a blender that makes a frothy or you can just mix it with them like I do and then struck a. Second this process.Property.Anna says she liked and shared I really could use that’s great to hear and if you’re wondering what kind of cooking oil Hughes which cat yes right there. I recommend the next question as well kind of goes along with that so. Yeah yeah yeah so what we’ll talk about exactly but organic unrefined or virgin coconut oil the one we recommend is in the link in the description there’s a blog post for this you can click and go over everything we just went over and actually has the recommendation recommend coconut oil that we use we’ll take you over to Amazon to purchase that.

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